Sandro Sket, CSCS

steady-state runs

Steady-State Runs & High-End Aerobic Training

Steady-state runs are high-end aerobic runs that are in proximity to your marathon pace. They are potent, time-efficient, and easier to recover from than threshold runs. And yet, steady-state runs are often overlooked by runners.  “Steady-state runs are high-end aerobic workouts.” If you deploy steady-state runs strategically in your training plan, you develop the necessary …

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hill training

4 Effective Hill Training Workouts for Runners

Hill training is a mainstay of the Kenyan and Ethiopian running regimen for good reason. Running hills develops power and protects against injuries.  “Hill training adds power to your stride and protects against injuries.” This article covers four distinct hill workouts that improve your performance in different ways to make you a faster runner. But …

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plyometrics for running

Plyometrics for Running

Plyometrics for running dramatically improve economy in distance runners. And yet, few amateur athletes take advantage of this time-efficient training modality.  “Plyometrics dramatically improve your running economy.” Top-level performance for sprinters and elite endurance runners is unthinkable without plyometric training. It adds power to the stride, improves running economy, and plays a role in injury …

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threshold training

Threshold Training

Threshold training is a staple in every distance runner’s program from the 5K to the marathon. It holds the key to accessing more of your VO2max and hence faster race results.  “Threshold training lets you access more of your aerobic capacity.” In other words, in distance events, a high VO2max provides the speed and a …

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